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Air conditioning is the process by which excess heat is gotten rid of from an enclosed place thus cooling the air and removing moisture.   This is meant to improve the comfortability of interior environments.  Mending of air conditioners depends on the type of air conditioner.   The harder it is, the more the expenses to repair it.   The air conditioners should be looked into consistently to ensure they are in a good condition.

Moisture and high temperatures are unfriendly to furniture, and thus they should be kept in air-conditioned places to increase their durability.  Moisture and too much heat is a great enemy to wood and leather made furniture.


The air conditions  provides a fresh air in enclosed rooms thus improving comfortability.   Air conditioners are a life saver.   Extreme temperatures can be fatal.  Therefore cool temperatures reduces heat related deaths.  They also prevent electronics from damaging since moisture and dust particles are not friendly to them.   Computers easily lose information due to extreme heat.   They have to be placed in a cool place. 


In a well-conditioned room there is very little sweating.   This prevents discoloration of clothes caused by excessive sweating.   Stained clothes can be such an embarrassment.  

Air conditioners assist in getting rid of insects and parasites.   There are people have allergies towards them, and some are unfriendly for instance bees' sting and can even kill.  Most rooms with air conditioners stay windows closed, and this reduces noise pollution from outside.   This is of major use in places where no noise can be tolerated for example in hospitals or sleeping areas. 


They help to freshen up the air by removing the polluted air from the room.  Diseases causing microorganisms are gotten rid of.  The quality of the people's health is improved.


There are various categories of air conditioners .  window air conditioners as the name suggests are mounted on a standing window.  The window air conditioners are best for both huge and tiny rooms. 


Another category of air freshener is the portable air conditioners.   The portable air conditioners are transferrable and can stand on their own.    They cool a place by pulling out moisture and return cool and fresh air to the room.   Installation of the portable AC's is quite an easy task and can be moved from one room to the other.  Their cost is also fair compared to other types. 


Though the wall air conditioners resemble the window air conditioners but are designed to install through a wall.    They are mainly placed in more developed cooling capabilities when equated with the window air conditioners. 

Air conditioning, therefore, becomes an integral part of our daily activities.